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Thomas Jefferson was referring to one of the most basic fundamentals of democratic principal when he said ‘Information is the currency of democracy’ : he was speaking of the need for openness in government. Transparency in the activities of government is a necessary part of establishing the public trust. A lack of transparency invites and encourages the influence of special interests over the legislative and regulatory process.

Today, lobbying and influence peddling are commonly carried out in secret, well hidden from the oversight of public forum. Private deals are made between colleagues in return for future pledges of support in order to pass legislation which favors special, rather than public, interests. Disclosure laws are painfully inadequate. Special interests and those who benefit must be stopped if we, the people, are to have a truly representative government the way Jefferson and the founding fathers intended.

Use the information on this page to learn about your constitution, your government and your responsibilities as an American citizen and voter. Use the Legislative and Executive Branch contact links on this page to speak out against secrecy and special interests and make your opinion known. Use the links below to learn about bills and legislation in process and use your right and your vote to replace elitism, opportunism and misrepresentation, wherever they are found, with integrity, and unwavering commitment to represent the needs and values of the American people. Information is the currency of democracy.

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