What personal information does DailyChew collect?

DailyChew requires a name and valid email address to enable readers to send us an email. This process is necessary to help assure the security of our website against unwanted spam. Other information collected on our Web site is not personally identifiable and is agregated by our Web servers in mass. This information is produced in statistical form and assists us in tracking general trends, such as browser and platform usage and site traffic to aide in improving our website. We make no use, other than statistical, of this information.

Will personal information be given or sold to anyone else?

DailyChew respects your privacy and will never voluntarily give out or sell your information to anyone.

How do we protect your information?

Our servers are highly secured and make use of the latest industry-accepted technologies to protect your data from disclosure to unauthorized third parties. Although these measures are typically effective, you should also be aware that use of the Internet and related computer systems is inherently vulnerable to unauthorized access. Therefore, no guarantee can be provided which assures that the information you provide to us will not be accessed by unauthorized persons.

Links to other websites

DailyChew contains links to third-party websites for story and advertising purposes. We are not responsible for the content or privacy policies of third-party websites and suggest that you read the privacy policy of each site you visit should this be a concern.

Contact DailyChew with additional privacy concerns

If you have other privacy concerns, please email us using the form on our contact page.